Eileen Rosen


The eclectic Center Square Neighborhood in Albany NY is alive with activity in every season, located in the vibrant Lark Street district and just steps away from WashingtonPark. The neighborhood is a mix of residential homes and small local businesses, perfectly harmonized to create a unique and friendly community.

Boasting a wide range of small shops, clubs, eateries and other venues, Center Square Neighborhood welcomes a diverse culture and entertainment scene, which caters to the young and young at heart. Many trendy art galleries, nightlife events and funky hangouts keep the district up-to-date, but the area’s cobblestone intersections and historic homes and buildings contribute to Center Square’s charming yesteryear appeal.

Elegant brownstones, wood-framed windows, wrought iron hand rails and other intricate 19th Century architectural details make this neighborhood unique and tell a tale of historic Albany from years gone by.